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Real Estate and Business Law Services in Littleton

Larson Bushell law firm offers the following legal real estate, business law and family law services for individuals and businesses in Littleton, Colorado. For complete details on our legal document services and to get a quote please contact us. We look forward to helping you!

Addendum to Contract

Addendum to Lease

Affidavit of Death of Joint Tenant

Affidavit of Death of Trustee

Agreement to Assign Contracts

Agreement to Assign Purchase and Sale Agreement


AIA Contracts

Allocation Agreement

Amendment to Articles of Incorporation

Annexation Agreements

Application for Employer Identification Number

Application for Recognition of Exemption

Architect Agreement Standard Form

Articles of Incorporation

“As Is” Clause

Asset Purchase Agreement


Assignment of Agreement of Purchase and Sale

Assignment of Deed of Trust

Assignment of Judgment

Assignment of Partnership into Trust

Assignment of Sub-Lease

ATM License Agreement

Attorney Lien

Attorney-Client Fee Agreement

Audit Letter Format

Basement Disclaimer

Basement Finish Contract

Bill of Sale

Broker Documents

Builder and Subdivision Contract

Builder Deed Addendum

Building and Construction Agreement

Buy/Sell Agreement

Buy/Sell Redemption Agreement


Bylaws Medical

Camera License Agreement

Certificate of Incumbency

Certificate of Limited Partnership

Closing Check List/Stock Purchase Agreement

Closing Protection Letter

Collateral Assignment

Colorado Business Registration Forms

Conditional Lien Waiver

Confidentiality Agreement

Conflict Letters

Consent to Assignment

Consent to Sublease

Construction Contract

Construction Defects

Construction Insurance

Construction Management Agreement

Contractor Agreement

Contractor Contracts

Contractor/Owner Standard Form Agreement

Corporate Examination

Correspondent Agreement


Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions

Custom Home Agreement

Declaration of Covenants

Declaration of Lost Share Certificates

Declaration Townhome

Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure Agreement

Deed to City for Park Land


Deeds of Trust

Default – Stipulation and Order Setting Aside

Demand Letters

Demand Right to Funds Received in Insurance Trust

Detention Pond Easements



Dissolution Agreements

Earnest Money Promissory Note

Easement Access

Easement and Access & Utility


Easements Driveway

Easements Reciprocal


Elevator Contract

Employment Agreement/Contract

Employment Offer/Term Letter

Employment Termination

Environmental Indemnity

Escrow Agreement

Exchange Agreement

Exchange Agreement (1031)

Exchange Contract

Farm Lease

Fee Agreements – Litigation

Fee Agreements – Probate

Fee Agreements –Transactional

Forcible Entry & Detainer (FED) Eviction

Foreclosure Timetable

Form Loan Documents

Golf Course Documents

Golf Course Path Easement

Grading Agreement

Grading Easement Agreement


Guaranty Fee Agreement

Home Purchase Agreement

Homebuilder Contract

Homeowners Association Documents

Incorporation Procedure

Indemnification Agreement

Independent Contractor Agreement

Instruction/Gap Letter

Insurance – Construction

Irrigation and Drainage Agreement

Land Exchange Agreement

Land Installment Contract

Land Purchase Contract

Lease – Amendment

Lease – Build to Suit (Office)

Lease – CMC Form

Lease – Cross-Up Provision

Lease – Holdover Agreement

Lease - Industrial

Lease – License Antenna Site

Lease – Master Lease Triple Net

Lease – Offices

Lease - Option

Lease – Parking Lot

Lease – Provision Self Insurance

Lease - Remedies

Lease - Residential

Lease – Restaurant

Lease – Retail

Lease – Satellite Dish

Lease – Storage Space

Lease – Storage Space Amendment

Lease – Sublease & Consent to Sublease

Lease – Triple Net

Lease Agreement – Real Estate Limited Partnership

Lease- -Apartment

Lease Application

Lease Assignment and Assumption

Lease Provision Termination of Lease

Lease- Shopping Centers

Lease Temporary Space

Lease Termination Clause

Letter of Credit Agreement

Letter of Intent

License – Lease/Antenna

License Agreement

License to Enter Real Estate

Lien Waiver

Limited Partnership Agreement

Listing Agreement

LLC Documentation

LLC Organizational Minutes Form

LLLP Agreement

Loan Letter of Interest

Loan Modification Agreement

Loan Purchase Agreement

Loan Sale Agreement

Lot Declaration

Lot Deposit Agreement

Lot Reservation

Maintenance & Landscape Agreement

Management Agreement

Master Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions

Mobile Home Transfer

Model Home/Sale Lease

Modification of Note/Deed of Trust

Modification of Promissory Note

Mold Documents

Multi-Financing Documents

Non-Citizen Estate Planning

Non-Disclosure Agreement

Non-Recourse Language

Notice of Transaction

Notice to Vacate

Operating Agreement

Opinion Letters

Option Agreement

Partnership – Limited

Partnership Agreement- General

Partnership Interest Purchase and Sale Agreement

Party Wall Agreement

Pledge Agreement

Post Incorporation Letter

Power of Attorney

Preliminary Change of Ownership Form

Probate – Petition/Order Final Distribution

Promissory Note

Property Management Agreement

Purchase Agreement – Development Buy-Back

Purchase and Sale Agreement – Hotel

Purchase and Sale Agreement – Office Building

Purchase and Sale Agreement – Real Estate

Purchase and Sale Agreement - Residential

Purchase and Sale Agreement – Retail Center

Quitclaim Deed

(RESPA) Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act

Real Property Tax Appeals

Real Property Transfer Declaration


Reservation Agreement

Resignation of Officer and Director

Resolution- Corporate

Restrictive Endorsement

Reverse Exchange

Right of First Refusal

Secretary of State Filings

Security Agreement

Security Deposit

Servicing Agreement

Settlement Agreement

Sign Criteria

Small Business Corporation Election

Software Agreement

Software License Maintenance Agreement

Soil Disclosure

Soils Addendum to Construction Contract

Special Districts

Special Warranty Agreement

Statement of Rights and Obligations

Stipulation of Judgment

Stock Agreement for Purchase and Sale

Stock Sale to Employees

Sub – Agency Agreement

Subchapter “S” Election

Subcontractor Agreement

Subdivision Agreement

Subordination Agreements

Substitution of Attorney

Substitution of Trustee

Summary Judgment Motion

Tax Deferred Exchanges

Temporary Use & Occupancy Agreement

Temporary Use Right

Tenancy in Common Agreement

Tenant Improvements/Tenant in Possession

Tenant Notice Letter

Termination of Lease Agreement

Title Insurance Regulations

Title Plant Agreement

Tolling Agreement

Trust Agreement

Trust Allocation

Trust Amendment

Trust Transfer Deed

UCC-1 Financing Statement

Unlawful Detainer Complaint

Warranty – Homeowners

Water Agreements

Water Rights

Wrap Around Note & Deed of Trust

Writ of Execution

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